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Our first training workshop took place on Saturday June 8th 2019, with Stephen O'Connell talking drama editing, the lucky attendees being treated to his insights on story and structure. Many thanks to The Element for providing the venue and the cupcakes.

stevie workshop 1.jpg
stevie workshop 2.jpg


We had a great workshop with Mick Mahon on Saturday 27th July 2019 at Piranha Bar. It's rare you get the opportunity to see how a documentary like Gaza comes together, and Mick was remarkably generous in sharing with those lucky few attendees how the whole process worked. Many thanks to Piranha Bar for being such generous hosts for the day. You can read a report of the workshop by Alec Moore here.



We had a fun and informative workshop with BAFTA-nominated Tony Kearns on January 25th 2020 at The Element. Tony was generous with his time and infectious enthusiasm, covering subjects as diverse as music videos for Radiohead and Chemical Brothers to Netflix's Black Mirror episodes Bandersnatch, Metalhead and Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too. Many thanks to Tony and The Element for their time and hospitality. 

You can read Mark Gilleece's account of Tony's workshop here.

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